Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yadav for early consensus govt


BUTWAL, Nov 20: Madhesi People’s Rights Forum Nepal (MPRF-N) Chairman Upendra Yadav on Sunday called on the political parties to engage themselves in discussions to form a national consensus government by November 30.

Speaking to the media in Butwal this morning, Yadav citing the past experience ruled out the new constitution without formation of a national consensus government. "We know this from the experience of the last four majority governments."

He also expressed his displeasure over the ‘lack of serious dialogue’ on settling outstanding issues related to state restructuring, electoral system and forms of governance.

“The parties have totally thrown themselves into power game. And this has superseded the statute writing task,” Yadav said, adding, “This time around, we should extend the Constituent Assembly tenure only after reviewing the past.”

On the occasion, Yadav blamed a series of disintegration of his party in the aftermath of the Madhes movement on party leaders, who he said were ‘greedy for powers’.

“I could not make all of them ministers. Consequently, they started being involved in forming and toppling governments, without worrying about larger national causes” Yadav said, referring to Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar and GP Gupta, who broke away from the mother MPRF party to launch their own outfits.

Yadav also said India could play a supportive role for a consensus government in Nepal and asked all not to doubt about the role that the southern neighbor could possibly play in that regard in the future.

"It is useless to be skeptic about the intention of who plays a supportive role," Yadav said.

Just some time ago, Yadav, whose party is not included in the incumbent coalition government, had lambasted Nepali leaders for their India visits, sarcastically saying their trips to New Delhi were what Muslims´ pilgrimage to Mecca and Madina.

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