Sunday, November 20, 2011

K-town sways with MLTR


KATHMANDU, Nov 20: As the winter dusk settled in Tundikhel, the historical parade ground came alive to the electrifying music of Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR), 6:45 pm Saturday.

The restless crowd united in welcoming the Danish soft rock ensemble consisting of vocalist and keyboardist Jascha Richter, drummer Kare Wanscher and guitarist Mikkel Lentz.

Formed in 1988, the band has produced seven studio albums as well as several live and greatest hits albums and has sold over 10 million records worldwide, mainly in Asia.

With a heavy emphasis on lyrics, chorus singing is key to almost all the songs of MLTR like Actor, Breaking My Heart, Take me in your heart, 25 minutes and Wild Woman which were aided by the audience that belted along to their classic pieces.

“We’re so happy to be here in Nepal for the first time. We can’t believe we’re here. Thank you for having us here,” said Richter who serenaded the crowd with a mix of their greatest and latest songs in a show that lasted an hour and 45 minutes.

On a raised stage with a backdrop of LED screens, the performance was enhanced by the lights which gave the crowd another reason to be psyched about the show.

Singing every song word by word was a 23 year old Kathmandu native, Binita Shrestha. “I started listening to MLTR when I was just five years old. I love all of their songs and my friend Sajani and I love ‘Take Me To Your Heart’ a lot.”

“As you see, we are only four guys on the stage. By the way, let me present to you a guy called Lars,” said Richter as he introduced their bassist who was performing with them for the first time.

Along with their greatest hits, the four entertained their fans with new songs from their album which is yet to be released.

“We’ve been working on this brand new record and it’s going to be released in spring. We have been busy shooting footage for one of the music videos here in Nepal. So how about you guys help us? Right now,” asked the band members.

The enthusiastic crowd responded by screaming and waving hands and fists high in the air.

After bidding adieu to the adrenaline fed fans, MLTR reappeared to sing three of trademark songs, That’s Why (You Go), Paint my Love, and the much requested Someday which was backed by their music video.

Bringing the climax down with a killer riff, Mikkel closed the show to shouts of ‘encore’ from a crowd that just couldn’t get enough.

Before the headlining act hit the stage, the music lovers were entertained by homegrown local talents – Sabin Rai, the folk instrumental ensemble Kutumba and rock outfit Mt 8848.

Put together by ODC Network and their India-based partners, Engage, the gig marks the second mainstream music act to hit the Valley after Bryan Adam.

With classic artists who are still local favorites, Nepal has piqued international artists and bands who are penciling Kathmandu into their itineraries.

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