Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AISC okays plan Major peace tasks to complete by Nov 23

Kathmandu, Nov 14, The Army Integration Special Committee (AISC) Monday endorsed the working plan on the integration, rehabilitation and voluntary retirement of Maoist combatants with amendments.

The AISC secretariat had prepared the plan.

The meeting of AISC, which sat till late into the evening, also decided to complete the survey and regrouping of the combatants within November 23. It also decided to dispatch technical teams to the cantonments on November 16.

Talking to media persons, AISC member Barshaman Pun said that the meeting decided to determine the ranks of the combatants to be integrated into the army based on the level of their education at the time of UNMIN verification and that of now, among others.

The families of those who died while in the camps would be given Rs. 250,000 each, he said.

Pun said that the Ministry for Peace and Reconstruction would prepare a separate package for the disabled and enfeebled combatants as the general package did not include them.

Another AISC member Dr. Ram Saran Mahat said that the integration and rehabilitation of the combatants would be carried out as per the seven-point agreement.

Asked about the rank determination of the combatants, Dr. Mahat said that Nepal Army would determine the rank as per the prevalent laws, norms and standards governing it.

He said that the committee would take the UNMIN verification record as the basis for the post adjustment of the combatants living in the various cantonments across the country.

The plan allows for a maximum of Rs. 900,000 in compensation for the combatants choosing rehabilitation and retirement.

It also envisions giving skills training for the ex-combatants.


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